A place strange

Dream log

Strange city

I’m walking alone in an empty part of a strange city. Two men come up from behind. They grasp my arms and demand, not unpleasantly, my wallet and phone. I surrender them, but now I have no money, no map, and no way to call for help.


The back yard is mostly defensible, wrapped in layers of fencing. The streets and alleyways surrounding the house are devoid of people or traffic. It’s always this way when the sun goes down, they tell me.

In the centre

I push him on a small cart with headlights. We move along the dark path through the cornfield to the place where she sits, waiting, in the centre.

Twist and nestle

The roads twist and nestle together like strands of fettucine.


An elegant black moth floats around the room, trailing a string of small, brightly coloured balloons.


Thick chunks of skin peel away from my scalp and cling to my hair like massive pieces of dandruff.


We auditioned the actor at night, down by the water’s edge. I had to step carefully to avoid pools of green water in the sand.

How to tie

Looking for people who know ‘how to tie.’


'You never express any desire,' he said. 'You always deflect.'


Learning how to fix a pregnancy match.